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About Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy clears communication issues among the body’s systems, relieving pain, regaining health and mobility.


To understand Bowen therapy, it is important to have an idea of the fascial system of the body. This system is tissue that is made up of connective tissue, primarily collagen cells and fluid. It varies in thickness and wraps itself around every muscle, tendon, nerve fibre, blood vessel and organ in the body. It holds the body in shape and carries information around in it. Fascia is designed to stretch and facilitate smooth easy movement.

When injured, dehydrated, or stressed, fascia can tighten up or become sticky in places causing limitations and painful mobility.

Bowen therapy is a gentle, non-intrusive body therapy that assists the release and restoration of the fascia. By applying this gentle technique around areas of the body it is thought communication pathways to the body’s systems are activated allowing for healing to take place at the basic organic level.

AusHealth College of Vibrant Therapies is committed to train, guide, and assist students to develop the skills needed to address health and wellness at all levels. Vibrant Bowen Therapy empowers the practitioner to assist those around them, beginning at the physical level whilst positively impacting the mental and emotional levels.

Vibrant Bowen Therapy offers professional face-to-face training in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Working with small classes graduates are provided with up-to-date training focussing on the knowledge and practical skills required to enable our students to provide tailored professional treatments.

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