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Team Meeting

Our Trainers

Vimla Rao

Professional Member of AHA

Senior Associate Member of ASCH

Senior Executive Member of IICT

Vimla Rao is a very friendly and enthusiastic therapist and instructor, practicing various modalities in order to give a vibrant life-style to all those who seek help.​

Vimla Rao, Trainer and Therapist in Bowen Therapy and Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy

​Vimla was born and brought up in Fiji but, in 1985, chose to make Australia her home. She had been employed at various universities as a physics technical officer until 2003 when her thirst for working in the health care industry led her to the role of Home Care worker during which time she built an amazing rapport with her elderly, sick and disabled clients. Her passion led her to the Bowen Therapy world when, in 2005, she completed her Diploma of Bowen Therapy and started on her new journey of helping clients through their various physical and emotional ailments. She pursued this career further and, by 2010, became an international instructor of Bowen Therapy, teaching in Australia, Fiji, India and Pakistan.

While on the path of healing, Vimla realised that there was a subtle aspect beyond the physical and the emotional. Her search lead her to Dr Yogesh Choudhary, the founder and Director of the Indian Institute of Hypnotherapy, where she mastered Clinical as well as Spiritual Hypnotherapy. Under Dr Yogesh Choudhary’s Guidance, Vimla learned about talking to the organs and systems of the Body as well as treating clients with issues due to the presence of spirit in their vicinity.

Vimla now runs a very successful clinic and helps people at various levels according to their individual needs. She practices Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, NLP and Bowen Therapy and is able to bring all her knowledge gained over the years into her work as an instructor for AusHealth College of Vibrant Therapies. 

Vimla’s message to mankind is:

“Help yourself live a vibrant life to keep yourself and all in your contact happy
with total fulfillment, contentment and inner peace".

Vimla Rao

Deborah Germain

Senior Associate Member of ASCH

Executive Member of IICT

Deborah Germain is a caring and passionate therapist and instructor, using her various modalities to allow her students and clients to make the most of their opportunities in life.

Deborah had always believed throughout her career that she would become a trainer/instructor. She has trained and inducted many people within the office/work environment and now finds that she can combine her office training experience with her passion for Hypnotherapy and Bowen Therapy.

Deborah Germain, Therapist in Bowen Therapy and Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) and Therapist and Trainer in Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Deborah had worked entirely within an office environment until she decided to follow her dream of helping people through Bowen Therapy. Having been the recipient of Bowen Therapy treatments since her early 20s, she understood the physical and emotional benefits this modality offers.  Following this dream led her to train with Vimla Rao, becoming a qualified Bowen Therapist in 2014, then following on and completing her Diploma of Bowen Therapy.

Never satisfied with her current achievements, Deborah continues learning and improving her therapy skills and has added the complementary McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) technique to her therapy toolbox.

Studying her Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as spiritual hypnotherapy, again under Vimla, Deborah is now able to offer her clinical and spiritual hypnotherapy, Bowen Therapy and MSTR skills to assist clients - mind, body and soul.

Deborah's outlook on life is:

"Kindness and love are Universal. Helping others will then help others to help someone else."

Deborah Germain
Heathr Whitehouse

Heather Whitehouse

Senior Associate Member of ASCH

Executive Member of IICT

Heather Whitehouse has been working with people for over 30 years, assisting them to regain and/or maintain their health. During this time she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in how to treat the whole person rather than just the symptoms. Men, women and children have all benefitted from her experience.

Heather Whitehouse, Therapist and Trainer in Bowen Therapy and Hypnotherapy

Heather's skills and certifications include Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Bowen Therapy, Certificate in Counselling, Kinesiology, Tibetan Energy and Vitality, Access Consciousness Bars, Doterra Essential Oils and Aromatouch massage, and Meditation techniques. 

Heather has developed a real appreciation for the range of benefits all these modalities can offer and is excited to be able to bring her wealth of knowledge to assist students in learning Hypnotherapy and Bowen Therapy.

Heather's passion in life is to:

"Support my clients and community to sustain their energy and ability to live day to day
with personal happiness and success."

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